Favorite Perfumes

Perfumes For Spring

Marc Jacobs, Dolce and Gabbana, Vince Camuto and more!

Ladies, spring is right around the corner and ya girl here is ecstatic. Spring is a time to renew, refresh, revitalize and bloom. It’s the time of year I want to smell like how I feel, bold, refreshed, sexy and pretty. So I put away all my heavier, musky winter scents and slide my floral “citrusy” perfumes to the front of my vanity tray with pure delight. These scents are bursting with hints lemon, orange, madarin, nectarine and water lilly, neroli, orchid and rose. Tell me all of that doesn’t sound beautiful!

Favorite Spring Perfumes

Some of you may be thinking, Girl why a post about perfumes? We cant smell them! First of all, my husband can’t stop telling me how amazingly good I smell all the time. It’s only fair that I share the wealth right? Secondly, if you like citrus and floral scents then you will love these. These scents compliment me well, and I usually always replace them when I’m running low. I keep a good variety of scents so I don’t become bored easily. I also like to match my scent with my current mood.

Bella Vince Camuto

I can’t deny it, I love just about all Marc Jacob scents. The bottles are perfect for vanity decor even when they’re empty. Let me be honest, I haven’t purchased a perfume from a department store in over 6 years. I buy all my scents from Their prices are affordable and I love that I can read the reviews, not to mention apply that heavenly thirty percent discount coupon that they always offer. By the way, this is not an ad.

Versace Bright Crystal

Here’s a little suggestion for you. If you don’t care much about the box your perfume comes in or the cap, then purchase the tester. The tester is authentic but because it’s unboxed or missing a cap, it’s discounted. Recently, the testers I’ve bought have come with the box and the caps! (Insert happy dance).

Okay now I’ve shared a few of my spring favorites. I’m always looking to try some new scents and expand my collection. I need you ladies to share your favorite scents with me. Ready. Set. Spill…

XOXO ebony