Writing the vison and making it plain! Happy New Year!

Hey guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! If you’re reading this, it means that you made it to 2019! What a privilege and an honor that many people did not get. Let me just say that 2018 was crazy for me. I had some highs and there were the lows that came creeping right behind. The worst part was losing loved ones, especially my grandfather who I had planned to visit this very same month.         

Although I had some disappointments I must say that God continued to keep and bless me and my family. I accomplished a lot in 2018. One of my biggest accomplishments was finally completing this blog and hitting the publish button, something I had put off for quite some time. Started from the bottom now I’m here guys lol!

Anyway, I’m ready to take on this year like a beast. So this week I have really been focusing on my goals and strategizing on how I plan to be successful in the new year. Journee and I wrote out our 2019 visions and all the things that we would like to accomplish. There’s nothing more rewarding than writing something down and watching the vision come to life. Now that I’ve written it all down, I will begin working on my vision board.

jan 3.jpg

Every year I give myself a word or two to live by. Last year it was #release. I realeased some bad habits, negative thoughts and unwanted relationships that were once friendships. My word this year is #LEVELUP! While I’m leveling up I plan to

Love- love like my life depends on it 

Inspire- inspire others with my care and generosity 

Flourish- flourish in my relationships, goals and dreams

Explore- explore the world and all the wonderful things it has to offer

I am also encouraging Journee to choose a word for herself as well. No matter how bazaar they may seem I challenge you to write your goals, visions, and aspirations that you have on paper and put it somewhere where you can see it every day. Hold your self accountable and remember time is of the essence. The time is not tomorrow or next week, start today! One quote I always live by is “a year from now you’ll wish you had started today.”