Making the best of fall in Florida


What do you do when you live in Sunny Florida with no sign of fall in sight? You have a “Faux Fall.” Yes that’s right, you fake it until you make it. It seems as though we will be doing lots of faking because the sun has been working overtime these last few days. Yall it’s been hot, and there are no leaves changing color or falling here. 


The first week of October, my decorations are resurrected from the garage. I dust everything off and start hitting up Pinterest for some new fall decor ideas.  All my summer decor is tucked away in a sealed bin until January. I usually keep my orchids out all year. By the end of the first week, my house is a combination of Kirkland’s, Hobby Lobby, and HomeGoods. Wreaths, throws, candles and pumpkins are in full effect. Oh! I can’t forget my pumpkin spiced scented satchels and diffusers. To add one final touch (I do this for all holidays) I change out all the photographs in the living room and foyer to match with my decor.  So there are a few pictures lying around of our past visits to the pumpkin patch . 


What’s fall season if you don’t visit a pumpkin patch? Every year, we visit various patches and farmer’s markets. We always choose to spend an entire day at a patch that has lots of activities. By lots of activities like pony, and hay rides, petting zoos, games, corn mazes, face painting, henna and so much more.

Thankful Pumpkins.jpg


Fall 5.jpg


After wearing shorts and sandals all summer I just want to put on boots, sweaters and scarves. Do I get to wear any of that stuff? Absolutely not! Now I see why people go crazy with their warmer wardobe when we hit the 60 degree weather. Anyway to make up for it, Journee and I dress in fall colors like burgundy, mustard, green and all those other colors the leaves turn during the fall. If I must say so, it does help a little.



Talk to my family and they will tell you that I go overboard with everything pumpkin spice flavored. Well not everything, but sometimes, I do drown them out with it to be honest. That doesn’t stop them from eating every pumpkin spiced thing in sight. My crew knows nothing about moderation. They enjoy their share and come for mine. Sometimes I’m literally hiding in closets and cabinets to enjoy my deserts in peace.

One of my favorite things are pumpkin glazed doughnuts and pumpkin cake. Now If I must say, I am not a fan of pumpkin pie. I’ll eat the crust and give the filling to some one else. It’s the texture the creeps me out a bit. At night I like to wind down with a cup of pumpkin spiced cinnamon tea. Yum!


GO shopping

What better way to feel the holidays than shopping? This goes without saying! If you haven’t walked into a Pier 1 Imports, Kirkland’s or Hobby Lobby this fall then you are missing out! The mall can be dangerous I’ll admit, but I must give myself a pat on the back because ya girl has some insane self control. Those sweet smelling stores and sale tags can be tempting but I remain focused (well sometimes, you know if something is cute and on sale, I can’t pass that up). My favorite part is picking up a pumpkin spiced latte or frappacino from Starbucks and sharing it with my little partner in crime.

The fun didn’t stop with pumpkin patches, decorating, shopping, and our pumpkin spiced desserts. We also did a few fall crafts and watched a few Netflix movies snuggled up together with the A/C cold enough for us to rock our pumpkin socks.

Where do you live? Are you in a tropical climate as well. Tell me how you spend your fall and what traditions you follow.