35 feels good- here's what I've learned along the way!

1. Postpartum depression is definitely real take it from me. #stilltraumatized

2. Blogging is therapy and I love it.

3.Don't wait for tomorrow, it may be a day too late.

4. I am not a perfect parent and no matter how much I try, I never will be.

5. Saving money and investing are really important.

6. Travel is good for the mind, body and soul. I'll be adding more stamps to my passport in the near future.

7. Although painful, friendships may change based on circumstances in life. Leaving for college, my faith, marriage and motherhood have all definitley taught me that. Embrace it, it's okay!

8. I can't please everyone, and I'm not even going to try. 

9. It's okay to put myself first and simply say NO when I need to.

10. One of life's greatest gifts is time. Time is precious and moving quickly. Enjoy every moment.

11. No one has it all together.

12. Life is not promised to us. Earth is not our final home. We're all dirt... dust we are and dust we shall return.

13. Without God I am nothing.

14. Don't talk about it, be about it!

15. Moisturized skin is the best skin and keeps you looking younger longer.

16. GOD does answer prayers! Trust me I know :)

17. Every little girl needs her father in her life.

18. Children really are a gift from God.

19. In marriage, team work makes the dream work.

20. TRAVEL, travel and travel…stop buying things and go see the world!

21. We all need family, and I love mine with all my heart.