Take the best photos of your child with these 8 easy tips.


There is nothing more annoying to some kids than posing. With my hyper active five year old, standing or sitting in one position takes great effort. It’s effort she’s not willing to put in. There is no point in waiting for that perfect moment because there is none. As soon as I get the right settings in my DSLR or find the right light when using my phone, I snap away. When taking my daughter’s photos, I always find the best ones are candid. Long gone are the days when I would say “look at mommy!” Now, I just let her run, play or jump and I take my best shot!


There is nothing more important to me than remembering the little details that I love. I always try to get photos with my daughter’s smile, her little feet, her soft puffy ponytails and even her little painted fingernails. I love the way her ponytails lay perfectly next to her tiny little ears, and the way her curls shrink when her hair is wet. I capture those details often because that’s a memory that I never want to forget. Remember, kids are changing daily. So focus on the things that you want to capture. Don’t be afraid to get close and zoom in.


If you really want to see your child break loose and get in their feelings, outdoors is always a great option. Kids are free to run, jump and climb. These outdoor photos are fun and easy! I never have to say, “don’t run” or “look up”. All I do is snap away! This is a double win because to top it off, the natural lighting is everything. Try giving your child a ball, a frisbee or my all time favorite bubbles.


If you don’t want a face like the first one below, then don’t say SMILE. Let’s be honest! Sometimes our kids test us by doing the opposite of what we say. Well I shouldn’t say sometimes, most of the time. Say smile, and they usually don’t. Instead they may opt for a frown or make a silly face. If your child is anything like mine, saying smile can sometimes be the worst suggestion. When I tell Journee to smile, I would usually get a very cheesy fake smile or a very silly expression. Silly faces and fake smiles are okay sometimes, but not when I want to capture a more genuine photo or a specific mood. What I don’t want is fake smiles in our photos. I usually fix this like telling a very funny story that I know will get her laughing. Talking about Disney, toys or candy make those eyes open really wide, and she gives the biggest smile ever. It works like a charm every time. Besides, I always keep my Donald Duck impersonation tucked away just in case. :) In the second photo, I didn’t say anything, I just let her be.


Getting in the frame allows me to slow my daughter down a little. She will usually want me to hold her, (She is getting much too heavy for that)sit on my lap, hold on to my leg, or hold my hand. I love these photos because they truly reflect our similar personalities, and the bond that we share with each other. Besides, although I enjoy taking pictures of just her, I want her to know that I was there every step of the way! it’s okay to get in the frame with your kids every so often.

Snapfish 8x10 2-2.jpg


This is one of my biggest challenges! I’m always taking front facing photos of my daughter. I used to do the same shot over and over. When scrolling through photos, I noticed that every picture was the same. My images were becoming boring and blah! I have been trying hard to remember that life’s precious moments can be captured from all angles. I’m no pro, but lately I have been shooting from above, behind, under and sideways. Let me tell you, it makes a world of difference in photos. So climb in a chair or ladder or get low and drop it to the flo! :)


Aim your camera or phone directly at that cutie pie and snap away! Try to avoid distracting objects in your photos that will take away from your little one. In the second and third images, she had no idea that I was taking her photo. I had my camera, but not at my face pointing at her. Instead, I held my camera and chest level, and looked at the screen to make sure I got just what I wanted. Please keep in mind that I am not a professional. I’m actually very new to this and I am still learning something every day. On each of those days below, I probably took ten photos each time and sorted them for my favorites.


Although we love to see our kids smile or look happy, that’s not always the case. Life can be tough for kids ( Yeah right!) Children have many different feelings, so why not capture them all? It’s also okay to capture tears, sadness, crumb filled faces and even temper tantrums like the one below. Those faces are all a part of life. Tears and sulking little faces can also tell just as much a story as a smile. When your little one is all grown up they will thank you for capturing the good, the bad and the not so cutesy photos too!


If you have any other great photo taking tips of your child, please share in the comment box below. The more tips we can get the better! So with all that said, I challenge you to up your game when taking your child’s photos and make your picture taking less stressful, fun and easy.