How we enjoyed our first mom and daughter paint night!


Hey moms, do you have that one particular day out of the week that you just look forward to? Maybe it’s Taco Tuesday at your house or Spa Sundays. Maybe it’s even the night out on the town with your hubby. Well at my house It’s Friday Family nights. I promised myself that from the very start of this new year that I would have one night dedicated entirely to my tribe. On Friday Family nights I dedicate ALL my attention to doing something fun with my crew. It could be the movies, going out to eat, sleepover night with Journee or in this case a mommy and me paint night. Journee and I both love to be creative and are very artsy craftsy so PAINTING WITH a TWIST was right up our alley.


When I initially signed up for the class I was worried that she would be too young but the detail info mentioned six and up so I was relieved. When we pulled up to Painting With a Twist and I told Journee that we would be painting unicorns she squealed with excitement. I was already thinking in the back of my mind how I would help her along with her drawing. Little did I know, the OCD in me would have to chill out for once. The instructor made it quite clear before the class that moms should not try to help their daughters unless they asked for help. He said no matter what they came up with, it would be beautifu, and should be appreciated. He was absolutely right! Watching my baby girl meticulously paint around the borders of the drawing made me feel so proud. She really is growing up!

The paintings will go on the wall in Journee’s bedroom or maybe on the wall in the hallway. What a great keepsake that we can have to look back on for years to come. With  valentine’s Day right around the corner, this is the perfect way to spend your day, your night or your evening with that special someone that you love. To add to the experience, you can take a bottle of wine and maybe even a cheese cheese platter to compliment.  Don’t forget to take a few photos, but also remember to take a break from social media and really enjoy the time and the company of the one that you’re with.


That’s all for now Lovies! Keep me posted if you decide to try this experience out or if you’ve had a paint night before! I’d also love to hear what you ladies do for your dedicated family nights. I’m going to need lots of ideas.