Disney's Magic Kingom: What I wish I knew before our first visit

Family at Magic Kingdom

Last December, I spent hours scouring Pinterest for the perfect party theme and ideas for Journee's 4th birthday party. I was so excited to do the cooking and decorating and I kept thinking it would be perfect and that she would have the most amazing time ever! I was wrong! It was stressful, and I waited too late to start planning.


The day of the party there were rivers of tears, and gnashing of teeth by a sugar overdosed, tired baby girl who had missed her nap time. That night, I thought about how the day had passed so quickly and how we barely celebrated. It all happened so fast! I did not want that to happen again this year! That's why we decided to do a merry magical 5th birthday at Magic Kingdom for a day.

Magic Kingdom

here’s what i knew & wished I knew before we visited…

Okay, If you plan on spending an entire dday at the park then take loads of snacks. The night before, I prepped snacks for us to munch on throughout the day. Snacks at Disney can be pricey especially if you are planning to spend the entire day. The mixture of Hawaiian rolls with peanut butter and jelly and then some with deli meat and cheese came in handy. We also took chips, crackers, apples and nectarines. Frozen bottled water, along with the freezer bags helped to keep everything cold. I didn’t necessarily need to do that seeing as it decided to be 29 degrees that weekend.

mk 1.jpg

If you're traveling with a toddler, you want to take a stroller. I'll admit, a few times I looked over at Journee in her stroller and got a little jealous. It must be nice to get pushed around all day long in the happiest place on earth. I am so happy that we decided to take the stroller. After a few hours of walking she was tired and I wasn’t about to lift her. After the 5th hour, I too was getting exhausted. Besides, the stroller allowed us to store all the items we had brought or purchas

mk 15.jpg

With all the snacks I packed, you better believe that stroller came in handy. I stuffed all the bags of food underneath, including my camera gear, umbrella and some blankets. If you're taking lot's of finger foods, do not forget your wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Magic Kingdom just like any park is infested with germs. Every time I saw a snotty nose or heard a sneeze I wanted to hold my breath. I have never been more appreciative of hand sanitizer and wet wipes in my entire life. Yes, I'm that person! Anyway, we ate once at the park and spent about $50.00 for the three of us. Did I mention that was chicken fingers and french fries?

Winter Gear

Clothing & Accessories: What’s a trip to Disney without your Mickey or Minnie ears. Journee and I tried to wear our as much as we could but the cold weather wouldn’t let us live our best life. Which brings me to clothing and accessories.

Birthday Girl at Magic Kingdom

If you’re going to any park in Florida be prepared to experience summer, winter, and spring temperatures all in the same day. Spring in the morning with a few showers, scorching summer heat in the afternoon, and crisp chilly air in the evening.  I made sure to check the weather and I was kind of bummed when I saw how cold it would be  during our visit. Trust me when I tell you we were still not prepared, which is why we had on layers of clothes and brought a blanket for the kiddo. It was then I realized that I need to buy some backup winter gear just in case. I squeezed the birthday girl in a bubble jacket two sizes too small and it worked out just fine. Lol.

Birthday Girl at Magic Kingdom
mk 4.jpg

Journee was gifted a princess book from one of her grandmothers for Christmas and I wish I had it during our trip. It would have been a perfect autograph book.  I noticed some little girls had their books signed during their meet and greets with princessess around the park. She would have loved that and it would have made for a great keepsake but there’s always next time.

Meeting Minnie Mouse

"Smile for the camera now click click click!" Don't dare to visit the most magical place on eath without your camera! It's even more important if your child will be too young to remember the moments years from now. If you’re unable to take a camera don’t fret too much. There’s the Disney Photo Pass and Memory Maker upgrade options.

Although I lugged my dslr around for eight hours it was nice to have the complimentary photo pass option. There are designated photographers around the park who will happily take your photo and then scan Your photo pass card. At the end of your trip, you can view all of the photos that you took. I was Able to create an account at www.disneyphotopass.com and enter the codes on the back of my cards. It was so easy breezy for this busy mama!  I was able to choose the photos that I wanted and download them onto my computer for printing. 

Mommy and Daughter at Magic Kingdom

I can not stress this enough, remember where you parked! So there we were at the end of the day on the tram headed back to the parking lot. I was so relieved because my toes felt like they had been amputated from the cold and I was exhausted. I heard the cast member say, “Alright folks we are now approaching the Villains parking area.” I knew we were parked in heroes so we stayed on the shuttle. Finally, we got to the heroes parking area and hubby and I just kind of looked at each other and cringed. What we didn’t realize was there were different sections for various heros.

Word of advice, take note of and remember where you parked. At 9:00pm in the night with temperatures at 28 degrees, it took us an hour to find the car. Hubby ran through rows and rows of cars while the birthday girl and I waited for him to return. I remember saying under my breath, “Dear Lord, please don’t let her have to pee.!”

Magic Kingdom at Christmas

I’ll have to admit, other than the few, “I wish I knews” we had a really good time. At times I think we had just as much fun as the birthday girl if not more. Next time around we will definitley be more prepared.

How do you prepare for your time at Disney theme parks? C’mon share the wealth. I look forward to hearing all about it.